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I want to cancel my grocery order

Our cancellation policy 

You can cancel orders from Supermarkets and Specialty stores if your delivery is more than 2 hours away.

If you have used a reward, it will be removed by our system automatically. This also applies to orders from multiple stores. This is because most rewards have a certain minimum spend that is calculated for the whole order.
For example; you have ordered from 2 stores, Transmart Carrefour and Michelle Organic Corner, and have applied a 50k off 250k reward to your order #11111. If you cancel your items from Michelle Organic Corner, the reward will be removed from your whole #11111 order and you won’t get a discount on your Transmart Carrefour items.

Do not worry, the reward will be reversed back to your honestbee account under reward wallet within the period of time of its reward!

And if you placed an order using credit card, we release the pre-authorized amount within 48 hours of cancellation. If you have ordered from two or more stores, we only charge you for what is delivered and release the rest within 48 hours of delivery.

Every cancellation in using reward, it will charge back to your honestbee wallet and will expire within period of time of its reward.

We can't cancel an order if:

  • Your order is from a Supermarket or a Specialty store and delivery is in less than 2 hours, unless a 10k fees may applied upon the request.


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